Top Ten most asked questions to a window cleaner (in reverse order).

10. Can you clean my windows above my conservatory roof?

We can safely clean windows above all sorts of obstacles; cars, garden furniture, garage roof etc. and even your conservatory roof.

9. How high can you reach?

With the equipment we currently use, we clean up to 4 story properties.

8. Do you clean window sills?

Yes, we clean the sills and the frames every time.  This is included in our price and comparatively is a saving to you rather than having the frames cleaned once a year.

7. Do you need some water?

Our customers are very generous offering water, however we need ‘special’ water.  We generally carry 500 litres that see’s us through the whole day.

6. How do you get to the back of the house when the gate is locked?

Usually by arrangement, but dependant on the property.  Either told how to gain access, by arrangement (text message day before) or of course we carry ladders/steps that get us over most things.

5. Do you clean windows all year round?

Windows are always in need of regular maintenance, hence we offer window cleaning services all year round, especially in the winter months.

4. How often do you come?

For the system of cleaning that we use, we recommend that your windows are cleaned every 4 weeks.  In addition we work in an area or street every 4 weeks therefore to be efficient we need to have the work fit with our other work.

3. How much do I owe?

We push a card through on every visit, this has our payment details on and how much you owe.

2. Why have you left my windows wet?

We use a ‘reach and wash’ system, the water we use is pure, therefore there is nothing in the water that can leave marks on your glass.

1. How much do you charge to clean a house?

Our service is tailored to your needs; hence our costs will vary from premise to premise. Please contact us for an initial assessment of your needs. Cost will then be dependent on the location, access arrangements, service type etc.